Welcome to The Organic Trading Hub – Your Gateway to Ireland’s Organic Agriculture!


The establishment of the Organic Strategy Forum marked an important milestone in guiding the future direction of the Organic Sector in Ireland. Bringing together 23 organisations spanning the supply chain from farm through to market, the Forum offers a platform to identify and agree critical actions needed to promote growth and identify perceived linkages within the sector.

One of the actions identified was the need within the sector for a dedicated resource for Certified Organic Operators to trade with each other.  The development of this website is in response to this call, which is supported by the Organic Strategy Forum.  The doubling of numbers within Organic Farming since December 2022 and the revised Climate Action Plan target of 10% of all land farmed organically by 2030 has made the delivery of this website an important focus of the Forum.

Who We Are

The Organic Strategy Forum, comprises of a range of experts from the farming and food processing sectors, organic certification bodies and relevant State Agencies.  The primary function of the group has been to focus on the continued implementation of the National Organic Strategy 2025 and any related actions and supports necessary to remove the barriers to the growth of the sector. The development of a new strategy for the sector has begun and the forum will be key in delivering this important task.

About Us

The Organic Trading Hub will serve as the central platform connecting organic farmers and suppliers, facilitating the buying and selling of certified organic livestock and feedstuff across the country.

What We Do

Through our user-friendly online platform, organic farmers can showcase their high-quality produce and livestock to a wide network of buyers, both locally and nationally. We firmly believe that supporting organic farmers is not just about making transactions but also about building meaningful relationships within the organic community.

Our Services

  1. Organic Marketplace: Our platform offers a comprehensive marketplace where organic farmers can list their livestock and feeding stuff for sale. Simultaneously, buyers can explore a wide range of organic animals and products.
  2. Events Calendar: The Organic Hub has a calendar feature which will facilitate industry wide organic related demonstrations, workshops, seminars, and networking events, providing organic farmers with opportunities to learn from experts, share experiences, and stay up to date with the latest trends in organic agriculture.